About this website

This website contains my response to the role and the report of the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC) with reports, letters, emails, copies of interviews and other documents – in short all the relevant facts, including specifically those that relate to Lance Armstrong.

This website will show that:

  1. The CIRC’s report showed a woeful lack of neutrality; it violated my statutory right to a proper defense; it is short on facts; it contains incorrect and false accusations; it is astonishingly biased and (almost certainly) deliberately incomplete; it ignores relevant elements that might show the UCI, or me, in any sort of favourable light – in short, it is totally flawed.
  2. The CIRC was not an independent Commission, carrying out an objective investigation. Indeed, despite making a firm personal commitment to me to “investigate all stakeholders involved”, it then reneged on its promise and refused to investigate WADA’s very dubious role in the Armstrong case.
  3. WADA and in particular its former President Dick Pound have, for more than 10 years, conducted a mischievous and slanderous campaign against me, the UCI and cycling in general. This campaign has been based upon false allegations and worse.

First you will find an executive summary of my rebuttal of the CIRC report. Then follows a list of concrete criticisms outlining the flaws of the report.

An important document on this site is the report that I forwarded to the CIRC on 13 August 2014, with 44 questions that I asked the CIRC to investigate and accompanied by 404 pages of documents. (All these were ignored by the CIRC.) I am also publishing all my correspondence with both Brian Cookson and the CIRC.

Finally, the site includes a series of in-depth articles giving analysis and rebuttals of the CIRC report, chapter by chapter.