My correspondence


  • As can be seen from my emails to the CIRC below, it was an absolute prerequisite for my collaboration with the CIRC that the commission should also investigate WADA’s various wrongdoings in relation with anti-doping in cycling.
  • In the replies I received from the CIRC, it clearly committed itself to carrying out “as broad an investigation as possible” and later, following my insistence, it confirmed that it would carry out a “wide-ranging independent investigation into … allegations which implicate the UCI and other governing bodies and officials … (the CIRC’s own highlighting).
  • I had very specifically requested that WADA be included in the CIRC’s investigation. However, its final report shows that the CIRC (whose members, let us not forget, were nominated in collaboration with WADA) has not carried out any such investigation. One might understand, therefore, that I feel totally deceived by the CIRC and that the CIRC, from the very beginning, must have been biased and operating under WADA’s influence.
  • Dick Marty, it must be said, did show some interest in investigating the role of WADA when, during my hearing with the CIRC on 24 November 2014, he asked me to send an additional letter (I had already sent the CIRC a comprehensive report on this subject in August 2014) about how Pound, via WADA, had led an orchestrated campaign against me, the UCI and cycling. I therefore sent the CIRC extensive additional information, but none of it can be found anywhere in the CIRC’s report. I find myself wondering if Marty was ever embarrassed at finding himself in the minority on the CIRC.

Here are links to the email correspondence between me and the CIRC:

In addition, below are additional links to email correspondence between me, Brian Cookson and Martin Gibbs.

  1. Email from me to Brian Cookson, dated 8 August 2013, with among other issues, my initial views about Independent Commissions: Mail HV – BC 8 Aug 13
  2. Follow-up email, dated 13 November 2013, signed by Ray Godkin and me, which remains unanswered: Mail HV – BC 13 Nov 13
  3. Reminder email sent on December 4, in particular stressing that “people linked with WADA should NOT be CIRC members. If that is not the case, “I reserve all my rights regarding the CIRC’s findings and conclusions”: Mail HV – BC 4 Dec 13
  4. Answer from Martin Gibbs and my brief response: Mails HV MG 4 Dec 13
  5. My subsequent more detailed response to Martin Gibbs: Mail HV – MG 7 Dec 13
  6. Email from me to Brian Cookson on 22 December 2013, including comments on the UCI’s withdrawal on the Paul Kimmage case: Mail HV- BC 22 Dec 13
  7. Cookson’s answer to me on 23 December 2013: Mail BC – HV 23 Dec 13
  8. Email exchange with Brian Cookson on 7 January 2014 (about giving relevant correspondence to CIRC members): Mails HV – BC 7 Jan 14
  9. Subsequent email from me to Brian Cookson, outlining my concerns about the CIRC in full – concerns which turned out to be exactly what subsequently happened: Mail HV – BC 8 Jan 14
  10. Email exchange between me and Brian Cookson including a reminder sent on 18 January 2014; an answer from him on 20 January 2014; and my subsequent formal protest on 30 January 2014: Mails HV – BC 18+20+30 Jan 14-1