My report


  • As can be seen from my correspondence with the CIRC, I was extremely reluctant to collaborate with the CIRC, in particular once I learned that it was operating in close cooperation with Brian Cookson (a person who has long been obsessed with trying to remove my title of UCI Honorary President) and WADA, both in setting up the commission as well as setting its Terms of Reference (ToR).
  • I had initially decided not to meet the CIRC in person, but instead to provide its members with an extensive report containing 44 key questions that, in my opinion, they needed to investigate (see below). Eventually, though, after the CIRC led me to believe it would investigate my allegations, I agreed to attend a meeting in person on 24 November 2014.
  • The CIRC attempted (in its email of 26 August) to convince me to keep my report “confidential”.  I replied that I would not give that guarantee. Indeed, during my hearing, I informed the commission that I had given my report to another sport governing body, albeit under embargo (out of courtesy to the CIRC).
  • The CIRC has since chosen totally to ignore my report and my questions, proving once again that it was in fact a biased Commission. My report is not even mentioned in the CIRC’s report which is probably the reason for not including any attachments at all to the report. This is not very transparent, to say the least.
  • As can be seen from my correspondence with the CIRC, I had asked for total transparency as to attachments.
  • The CIRC report that was published, to the great surprise of many observers, did not contain any attachments (only Brian Cookson has the full report with its attachments). This was probably because certain people (such as Dick Pound perhaps) would not wish my report to be made public.

The full report that I submitted to the CIRC on 13 August 2014, together with its attachments and questions, can be downloaded here: HV report 13 08 14 with attachments

It deals in detail with the following topics:

  1. The UCI has always been and still remains at the forefront of anti-doping:
  2. The poor perception of cycling with regard to anti-doping is primarily due to WADA’s and Dick Pound’s smear campaigns;
  3. Under my Presidency, there was no complicity, no bribery, and there were no cover-ups.

There were a great many more attachments (some 300 pages of them), such as media interviews, copies of articles, letters, etc. however I have only included the four attachments that were written by me.

In addition, an article that I wrote for the ‘World Conference on Doping in Sport’, held in Lausanne in February 1999, which led to the creation of WADA (and which I also submitted to the CIRC) can be downloaded here: 1999 report English